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Century Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic is committed in and has established a reputation for providing high-quality medical care in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Our Physician has unique background in both orthopedic surgery and alternative medicine. We provide alternative but results oriented health-care services to those who seek for faster pain relief without medications and surgeries, and those tough and desperate cases that have failed to respond to faithful conventional medical and surgical approaches.


  • Quick Relief - 3 Visits or Discontinue
  • Quality Care for  Most Difficult Cases
  • Quality Physician  With Unique Clinical Experience
  •  Most Efficient Office Procedures, Saving You Big Time
  •  Total Open Book Financial Policy
  •  Quality Insurance Billing Experience
  • New "Zhou's Hypoxicology Therapy" (ZHT) and (ZHT Seminar)

    Sleep Review (
    Edison Health Innovations Celebrates One-Year Anniversary of No-Mask, No-Surgery Therapy for Sleep Apnea and Hypoxemia

    "Edison Health Innovations (EHI), Phoenix, is celebrating its one-year anniversary of its no-mask, no-surgery therapy for sleep disordered breathing and hypoxemia-related illnesses in Phoenix, August 17, 2006. Zhouís Hypoxicology Therapy (ZHT), named after its discoverer Jin Zhou, MD, DC, attains results by addressing sleep breathing problems at their source."


    Our sister website,, is finally here, and improving, updated every day.



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    Phoenix News| azfamily - KTVK| News for Phoenix, Arizona | OnTV: Good Evening Arizona Hotline.
    ZHT Therapy Secrest Family Chiropractic For more information, call (480)-994-4411.
    This text is invisible on the page, but this text is affected by the ... stories/KTVKGEAZ20051123.3a11c96.html - 51k - Cached - Similar pages

    Phoenix News| azfamily - KTVK| News for Phoenix, Arizona | Healthy Living
    06:18 PM Mountain Standard Time on Tuesday, November 22, 2005

    By Brandy Aguilar / 3TV Producer

    "Is snoring a problem in your household?

    Does it wake you up at night or is it keeping your loved one from getting any sleep?

    A new treatment is helping both parties.


    Secrest relies on a new therapy known as ZHT. Each treatment begins with breathing techniques that will be used during the therapy and at home. ... stories/KTVKHLiving20051122.3255f26.html - 53k - Cached - Similar pages

    ZHT Seminar
    for Healthcare Providers



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